Meet the producer: Álvaro Castro

A centuries-long tradition of wine making

Álvaro Castro is widely acknowledged as the leading producer in Portugal’s Dão region. In 1980 he inherited the 16th century family farm, on which his family had been making wine for centuries. Under political regimes of the not-so-distant past, every farmer in the region was forced to sell their grapes to cooperatives.

In the early 1980’s, Álvaro made a full time commitment to re-establishing the family tradition of winemaking. Keeping wine making tradition in the family, Maria Castro began working with her father in 2000, after having worked at wineries in Bordeaux and in Portugal with Dirk Niepoort and José Neiva Correia. This ensured the future of the family winemaking legacy. With three farms on which to grow grapes, Álvaro is leading the Dao’s viticulture movement. His drive to better understand his terroir has culminated in incredibly expressive and pure wines.

Glug have been bringing our customers the wines of Quinta de Saes since 2015. Alvaro Castro has had lots of recognition and had been voted the best producer in Portugal.

Some of our most popular listed wines made by Álvaro Castro are: Alvaro Castro Tinto, Tobias red and white, Quinta de Saes Tinto.

If you would like further information on Álvaro Castro or his wines please email Glug or contact Philip on 01 697 8332.