About us

Having lived roles in the hospitality industry, Philip and Anna bring you the insights of their experience gleaned along the way, coupled with an expert knowledge of wine.

Philip Sweeney

Philip Sweeney

Philip has over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry at home and abroad including the United States, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He is a graduate of Shannon College of Hotel Management and was the recipient of a number of awards including a scholarship to the world- renowned Cornell University. On his return to Ireland he honed his wine expertise, achieving the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma in Wines & Spirits and commencing his career in wine consulting and sales.

In 2014 Philip decided to channel his love of wine and satisfying customers into his own enterprise and Glug was born. Philip’s unique strength lies in his ability to combine his deep understanding of the needs of hospitality clients with a shrewd commercial understanding of the business of hospitality and of wine.

In his spare time Philip loves spending time with his family, GAA, rugby, music and cooking.

Anna Zanotto

Anna Zanotto

Anna hails from Veneto, Italy, the land of Prosecco, Amarone, Soave and many more delicious wines!

Anna has been working in the wine business (retail and wholesale) for 15 years. Her passion for wine led her to complete the Wine & Spirit Education Diploma and she often ponders about the Master’s in Wine course …maybe one day…

Anna’s role in the Glug family is building relationships with the wine producers and getting the wines to Ireland in one piece, ultimately distributing them to our customers.

Needless to say Anna absolutely loves wine, especially quirky and unusual ones; wines with a story and the people behind them, real wines.

A busy Mum to 3 girls, Anna sometimes manages to escape for a good run – her next passion in life after family and wine!